Media Events

Media events are tricky and require a singular understanding of media costs as it applies to your market. We ONLY value what we'll get through digital, TV, print & radio impressions. The reason for this is simply based on the crowd these events attract. We're almost never sure who will make this crowd up because the crowd changes with the execution of the media promotion. Because we cannot control the way people perceive a promotion we don't control we cannot count on it. What you receive as a vendor is gravy and should be valued as such... nothing more. Yes, you may see tens of thousands at the event... and thats great. But, we cannot value it in our spend because of the risk of unknown. So, if the media impressions don't make sense... move on. Sales people will tout these numbers... but, there is NO accountable value here. It's hit or miss at best.

Typically radio, TV, magazines or arenas. Media events are usually expensive, large and have incredible potential to be a home run or a disaster. Theres rarely anything in-between. To be a media event there has to a be form of media tied to it.

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