Community Events

Community events are small (usually less than 3000 people) and are typically based around an amateur sporting event, school, neighborhood or club. These events are almost always inexpensive and offer us our greatest opportunity to make an impact.

  1. Is your target demographic there?
  2. Is the income base strong?
  3. Is the platform (reason for the event) strong & is it something we can stand behind as a company?
  4. Do you have a partner involved…an avenue to create a larger, more impactful presence? A way to feed off each other.
  5. If weather is less than ideal can you still see success & if not do you have a cost efficient exit strategy/agreement?
  6. Can you build a booth to attract a considerable traffic flow, do you have personnel that will engage that traffic & leverage your investment?
  7. Are you exclusive?
  8. Is your hard-cost per impression reasonable? Does it make sense as an investment?

If you can't answer an absolute YES to each and every one of these questions... keep looking and find an event where you can succeed.

BOE team participating at LR Central tailgate
Local cooking competitions
Awarding Robinson Senators with prize