Your Event Timeline

6 weeks
  • Begin creating your marketing materials (digital, print, yard signs, banners, etc)
  • Order promo, team name tags , team shirts (as you order create a checklist for use later)
  • Schedule your event team, create specific tasks for each
  • Familiarize yourself with the event packet, restrictions, logistics, etc
  • Reserve with Marketing the event booth and inflatable
6 weeks before
4 weeks
  • Meet with your event team and go over event details and expectations
  • Purchase your giveaway and decide how you will gather names (via tablet, handwritten, combo)
  • Update your FastApp with event announcement, website, etc.
4 weeks before
2 weeks
  • Promote, promote, promote - everyday (across all social media)
  • Print all your print marketing
  • Prepare event box with supplies you may need, example, water, scissors, tape, electric cords, zip ties, etc
  • Re-read your event packet
2 weeks before
1 week before
  • Promote, promote, promote - everyday (across all social media)
  • Check off items received on your order checklist (created at 6 weeks)
1 week before
1-2 days before
  • Promote, promote, promote - everyday (across all social media)
  • Practice booth set-up
  • Pick up last minute items, such as balloons, ice, etc
  • Recap with your team - make sure they are ready to work!
1-2 days before
Day of event
  • Arrive EARLY for set up, give yourself enough time to cover last minute oopsies
  • Promote, promote, promote all day
  • Take lots of photos for post promote
  • Meet, greet, and touch as many as possible, get those leads, make a great impression
  • Have fun!
Day of event
Post event
  • Post promote event, including winner of giveaway
  • Thank your partners
  • Reach out to your leads
  • Take a deep breath and tell your team how much you appreciated their help
Post event